This site is dedicated to the Inland Bearded Dragon (pogna Vitticeps) native of Australia, the site has information concerning the vivariums and housing, the heating, lighting, substrates, health, breeding, sexing, what to look for when buying a bearded dragon, vivarium decor,as well as reptile forum, reptile auctions, reptile classifieds reptile care sheet, bearded dragon care sheet, galleries, the bearded dragon color morphs, bearded dragon coloured morphs, breeders, our breeders, available dragons, sign up for newsletter all about bearded dragons, full directory listing for reptile vets, reptile shops, online reptile shops, reptile couriers, reptile breeders, bearded dragon breeders, bearded dragon importers, bearded dragon suppliers, list of reptile shows and reptile societies as well a s a complete glossary of bearded dragon related terms. The site is a must for all those interested in Bearded Dragons and there well being. The information listed is all updated regularly and is full of tips and advice for the beginner as well as the professional breeders and keeper.

UK Bearded Dragons: Home of the Inland Bearded Dragons ( Pogona Vitticeps )

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